“I am gentle, I am not kind. And I am not good. I do not hold with ideas of “love and light” or peace. My gods are cruel. They bear little love for me. I am a Storyteller and a seer. I do not suffer fools.”

Cass is a retired semi-pro mma fighter from a military and polytheist upbringing who struck out on her own at 17 to pursue her own life. Recent brain damage has moved her back into somewhat isolated living, though she plans to be in New Orleans to present this upcoming year and will be in Atlanta for several presentations about primal spirituality and sexuality, as well as energy exchange and warrior cults.

The artist and creator behind the Tarot of Wolves, she uses her business: Ulfgrim Designs as an opportunity to educate about the Heathen way of life and is currently in the process of opening her own studio in her hometown of Tallahassee.